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All in All: Tuition for All Subjects, Grades and Syllabus

Tuition is learning enhanced that is meant for you to experience learning. London Education Center excels in providing trailblazing quality tuition services to all courses including IGCSE, IB, SABIS, AP, AS and CBSE. Our methods are truly out-of-the box designed in a way to bring out the best result possible. With experienced and efficient teaching facilitators, creative methods and advanced curriculum, we stand-out with our craft.

One-on-One Coaching (1:1)

Attention, if focused on one, can bring out vibrant results. Rooting in and believing for the same idea, London Education Center has proven our efficiency and expertise in individual coaching classes. With dedicated teacher tailored according to your needs, we make sure the student is well versed in the subject of your choice. Magnified individual attention, dedication and diversified teaching methods are our priority in One-on-One coaching classes.

Tutorials for Independent Schools Students

Educational Experience, we believe, should be imparted in a way to blend with the learners’ soul. With that thought in mind, we have put together a team of teachers to provide you with stellar educational experience possible. Our qualified and competent team is capable enough to redefine your educational experience. Equipped with female teachers for female students, our services can stretch to the comfort of your home too.

ACT, SAT, & IELTS Exam Preparation

Through creative and vibrant methods for coaching, we are affirmative on the fact that cracking ACT, SAT & IELTS won’t be a burden for you anymore. Our curriculum is designed to make it a memorable and serene experience, making you crave for academia every day. Exam preparations are undertaken by highly qualified teaching professionals with an in-depth experience of the preferred subject. In short, you are definitely going to crack it this time.

Exam +ve: Preparatory Revision Courses for Exams

The exam hurdle can easily be tackled if your method is efficient and effective. The London Education Center focuses in filtering and simplifying the exam preparation process. Our craft is capable of bringing in the best results possible. If you are seeking to score well, we are striving and will be standing solemnly with you for the same goal. Through well-structured revision process and exceptional quality teaching, we’ll make it happen!

Compact Coaching (1:3)

Knowledge if shared, sprouts and grows into a tree. Over the years, we have witnessed the competiveness and amicable environment for learning that a small group can share with each other. Led by passionate professionals, such a group can always facilitate and foster the best learning environment. By providing specially designed curriculums and creative methods, we are set out to build a team of leaders with our coaching classes for all subjects.


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