Exams can be stressful. It can sometimes even push you to the edge if you don’t adopt better and effective strategies for preparation. Keep in mind that exams aren’t always just about the work that you put in or sacrifices you make, it involves other external factors too. 

Do you always put in your hundred percent and still don’t get the marks you expect? Then try and shift your game plan. You don’t need sleepless nights and a 15-hour daily study routine to ace the tests. Instead, a shift in your methods might reap better results as it’s always the smart work that outweighs the hard work. Don’t take the exam stress just on yourself. Make use of every source of external help from tuition centres like LEC to simplify the process for you.


How to Achieve Better Grades in Your Next Test?

Tricks and tips might be and mostly are subjective. Although some factors work well for all the students, we tend to miss out on the easiest and smartest ones while preparing. Here are some tips you can follow to plan your exam preparation strategy: 

  1. Contact a Private Tuition Centre

    The easiest and most efficient way to prepare would be to approach a centre for exam-specific help. The London Education Centre can help you with your exams – the ACT, SAT, or IELTS or your regular school tests. The curriculum is designed in a way that makes learning a pleasurable and relaxing experience. Exam preparation is handled by highly qualified teachers, and they also provide a well-structured revision process. Preparing a schedule for your preparations, helping you with topics you are doubtful about, and focusing on the weaker areas will help you connect towards better grades. So, reach out to a tuition centre and engage in an active learning routine.

  2. Create a Good Study Plan

    This should be your first step while preparing. Create a good and detailed plan about how you will go about with the preparations. Sort out topics for each day to eliminate the last-minute rush. Give adequate breaks in between and avoid studying for long hours as it can only pull you back from all that you memorised. If you have your doubts about the study plans you created and aren’t confident enough, hire a private tutor to get a balanced and strategic plan, so you can focus on more important and difficult areas with ease.

  3. Maximise Practising Through Mock Tests

    Revision and practice hold the same importance in the preparation process. Mock tests can provide an insight into how your exam might look and give you an overall outlook and constant practice to save ample time during your actual test. Revision even helps you grasp it better. So keep in mind, you aren’t wasting time re-reading it, you’re only learning better. Centres like LEC can equip you with the best set of mock tests to help you realise what stage you’re at and with feedback and analysis to improve your preparations

  4. Maintain Your Health and Reduce Stress

    Yes, exams aren’t just about the preparations. It is about how you maintain your health too. Most students tend to skip meals and feel dizzy during exam time. It is because they aren’t confident about their study method. In such cases, a private tutor will help students boost confidence and prepare a study plan to streamline preparation. Most of the centres like LEC have a proven record of preparing schedules and plans to help you excel in the exam.

  5. Try Innovative Method

    The human brain gets bored of letters and words after a while, right? So try using charts and diagrams to learn better. It helps grasp the matter better and lasts in your memory longer than words. So innovate while preparing- use coloured pens and charts or flashcards for a variety! Our qualified tutors in LEC know how to make study time quality time. We follow innovative methods to help students understand the concept and prepare for the exam.


Common Exam Preparation Mistakes Stop You From Scoring Well

Different people adopt different preparation methods. Everyone suggests a couple or two before your exams- be it your friends, teachers or parents. But as an individual’s mindsets work uniquely, there is a high chance another person’s method might prove ineffective to you. So it would be an even greater idea to register with a tuition centre, primarily because they would help you with strategies and techniques that suit you the most. Unlike the schools, private tuitions work according to your pace and style of learning. 

  1. Thinking You Can Manage by Yourself

    Peer pressure influence can have a drastic and very negative impact while preparing for a test. Just because your friends are handling it doesn’t mean you have to do it single-handedly too. If it looks overburdened and herculean, get help from external tutors. Private centres offer exam-specific sessions and revisions for students to help them through and relieve needless stress. So take that road and enrol with private tutors like LEC, which will boost your performance as well as your confidence.

  2. Don’t pull an all-nighter

    “A cup of coffee can get me through the exam night” will look good on your Instagram story. But, in reality, it results in declining bodily functions. It is a proven scientific fact that a human body needs at least 6-7 hours of sleep, and anything less can result in health problems. After missing one night of sleep, fatigue might set in, weakening your short-term memory and making it difficult to concentrate. An all-nighter can put you at a major disadvantage, so make sure you get proper sleep the night before the exam.

  3. Avoid last-minute cramming

    It is a myth that last-minute brushing through the notes will help in better understanding the concept and increase retention in the brain. In reality, what it does is increase the stress and build up confusion in your mind. Anything that you read in the final moments before the exam will get registered in your mind. Though it might look effective, it only pulls you back from scoring well because of the confused state of mind.

  4. Ignoring the significance of revision

    Revision is the most important and inevitable part of the examination. Continued revision aids in the recalling of information. Second, if done correctly, it will boost your confidence and lessen your anxiety, ensuring that you are well prepared for the exam. So while learning, make sure you don’t skip multiple revisions. (Advisable to keep it for the last few days)

  5. Failing to plan your time

    Students tend to undermine the value and importance of planning during an exam. This can lead to an incomplete syllabus, skipping vital portions of the exam, and, obviously, low grades. An aimless and unplanned study will get you in the middle of nowhere, leaving you completely unsure of what to do next. To avoid that, draw out a plan on how to go about with the preparation and a daily timetable and during the examination, allocate time for each question to finish on time.


Enrol with LEC and bid goodbye to your worries

Start today, start now and don’t give it a second thought. Study hard when you sit down for studies and give it your maximum while you relax too. You should also realise that an exam is no punishment.

Start early, prepare yourself and register with a professional tutor or a private centre for easier, faster and exceptional results. Even the mid-sem is not too late a time to enrol into a centre! Save time through strategic planning.

An esteemed centre like LEC can help you get a better understanding. LEC provides professional tutors with thorough knowledge of the subject and newer and creative learning techniques. Our one-on-one interaction guarantees personal attention and training that will help you or your child perform well in the exam. Exams can be stressful, but it’s also in your hands on how to go about it. So make the most out of all the help you can get.

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