Worried about helping your child through school and education? Schooling is the first platform to meet every child’s educational needs. But, the huge intake at schools may interfere with addressing each student. Different students have diverse learning quotients and varying skills. Mostly, schools with a higher student-teacher ratio seemingly fail to motivate students towards the extreme behaviours or learning spectrum. But, does this mean your child can be left alone?

Not at all! When students don’t get enough feedback and learning outcomes that suit their intellect, you need to find other means to help them. Hiring tutors is one such strategy that can help your child to focus better and excel in academics for their brighter future. 

Especially, during times like these, it’s super-important to take care of the well-being of your child. Getting them experienced tutors will be a great advantage to them. 

Uncertain times call for advanced measures! Finding a good tutor for your child can be a huge and risky task these days. Compared to the pre-pandemic scenario, you are constrained by covid-19 regulations today. You may not be able to meet teachers in person and find out whether they are the best fit for your child. 

However, there’s no compromise when it comes to assisting your child. As we all have acquainted ourselves with the new normal, most parents have found new ways to find tutors for their children.

Choosing the right tutors online


With the advent of online schooling, students tend to miss out on a lot of school-bound activities and ambience. But, with the help of tutors, they can keep a good track of studies in subjects like English and Math. This is why most parents have taken the new route of finding tutors on an online basis. 

Today, a lot of centres that offer tutoring services just pop in almost every day. Out of the vast sea of tutors available, it might seem really hard to pick one that suits best for your child. Yet, sometimes, the emotional responsibility of parents makes them take the risky step and find whatever resources are available to them. 

Maybe, your focus is an affordable tutor or someone who takes care of the academic burden of your child. But, these hustles may let the real purpose of hiring tutors slide off! Yes, the most important point when it comes to availing tutoring services is whether the chosen tutor can offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere to your child. 

Finding tutors online is a convenient option during current times. But, is it compromising on the quality and experience of tutors? Though virtual media is easy to handle, chances are high that we might not be able to scrutinize the tutor enough and more. In the worst-case scenario, we might even find a tutor who might not be the best choice for your child, further increasing the pressure on your kid. 

So, there are certain points to remember and matters to inquire about before finalizing an online tutor for students. A few important ones are mentioned below:

  1. Experience and qualification of the tutor – A tutor should be well-experienced to handle a school-attending student. Sometimes, there are tuition centres that offer services such as peer mentors. But, this may not be beneficial to children belonging to the younger age category. They need holistic attention and help. Only a tutor with expertise and teaching skills can provide such assistance to them.
  2. Scope for personalized tutoring – The primary purpose of tutoring is to get personal attention to the academic concerns of your child and motivate them. Often, a few tutoring classes might be overpacked with a lot of students, running its very own purpose. So, understand the amount of time your child will receive to be one-on-one with the tutor.
  3. Teaching and evaluation methods – Online tutoring is totally different from typical education systems. It requires more attention to detail and pre-evaluated teaching methods. Otherwise, your child will find it difficult to grasp concepts. Besides, the attention span of a student might also be lesser. So, you must check the teaching objectives, methods, testing procedures, and guidance well in advance.
  4. Availability for feedback -Education becomes complete when there’s constructive feedback from teachers to students. Many a time, even schools fail to provide such helpful measures. Hence, a tutor should be able to motivate your child in the right direction along with his education. You should be well-aware of their approach so that you can ensure that the tutor isn’t taking a heavy mental toll on your child.

Process of searching tutors online


Nowadays, everything and anything is available online. Similarly, online tutoring services too. While you look forward to the above criteria for tutors, you might also feel the tension on where to find them. The options before you are simple. Make use of google search and find out the centres that offer online tutors. You can also search among your friends, colleagues, and other networks to find someone familiar or trustworthy to you.

In Qatar, there are many tutoring centres which you can enquire about. Since it’s an online service, you might be able to source great tutors who have aced in their field of expertise. And, such good tutors are available at really affordable costs. Online tutors are a great save when it comes to time flexibility and saving transportation charges.

Challenges of hiring online tutors


While there are a lot of merits to hiring tutors online, it seems quite sceptical regarding the credibility of teaching and handling students. Especially, when you meet them virtually, the trust factor is really hard to stabilize and takes time. 

We don’t dare to put our child’s future at risk for a tutor! There have been situations where people who fake being certified end up with poor and bad teaching ability, affecting even the mental health of students.

Along with this, the huge gap of online education itself is the biggest challenge. Most students find online classes difficult and that’s when their parents seek the help of tutors. But, if the tutors are not equipped to break the barrier of online teaching with effective techniques, the child will still suffer through it.

To be precise, online tutors must have sound knowledge in interacting through innovative methods with their students. Finding tutors online with such a level of expertise, quality and engagement might seem nothing less than a nightmare to parents. But, in Qatar, there are countless well-certified tuition centres with world-class teachers and immersive study experiences like at the London Education Centre.


Get the best tutors from LEC


Among the numerous options for tutoring, LEC stands out with its acing quality and experience in this field over the past decades. Hiring well-recognized tutors from LEC is sure to scale up the learning experience of your child. All online tutors at LEC avail their services to assist students in Qatar to bring out the best in their academics.

We at LEC offer top-notch services in helping your child. Our tutors are skilled in handling important concepts in Mathematics, English, Science, and other general topics to boost the intellect of students. 

At LEC, your child is given utmost importance and care. Instead of randomly assigning a tutor for your kid, we evaluate their academic concerns and needs first. After a close interaction with students and parents, we provide the best tutors who are well-accustomed to meet your child’s academic goals. 

Our tutors have been handpicked after a thorough evaluation of their qualifications, expertise, and experience. You are most welcome to cross-verify the credentials of the chosen tutors to ensure the security of your child.

Our transparent services are focused to build a winning edge for your child in their intellectual ability. Tutors at LEC interact with hundreds of students, which makes them experts in handling children. We understand the need for motivation to push them to achieve their success. But, we also recognize the troubles of exerting too much pressure. 

We engage at optimum energy so that the students are free to engage and study, making the best of their productivity. Our online tutors at Qatar are warm and amiable, flexible with teaching schedules so that your kid can manage time for other activities as well. 

Trusting a reputed tuition centre like LEC with online tutoring is the right step to avoid any kind of mishaps in the long run. You can get accountable tutors who offer good guidance to the students and are lively to interact. Relieve yourself from the troubles of finding a tutor online in Qatar. Go and get your child enrolled for online tutoring at LEC today!


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