The vacations are over and it’s school time again! The daily hustle and bustle in a student’s life are lining up back. Are you worried about preparing your child for a fresh academic year?

Back to school is a huge time for students as well as parents. Especially, given the current situation of the pandemic, it takes even more effort. It can be difficult to set things the right way so that your ward stays focused on their studies throughout the year. New habits and routines with every passing year can be tough for your kid. And, if it’s a totally new year at school, then the tension is too strong to handle. So, as a parent, you can try to get them going all prepared for more challenges coming their way in the new academic year.

Among the different challenges for a student, academics hold a crucial position as it determines the future of a student. Making the learning experience easy contributes so much to the well-being of a student too. However, this requires a lot of research and testing. The very first step itself would be to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your child. While strengthening the pain points, you must rely on ways to reduce the pain points for them.

The pandemic has taken a rough turn, with most classes still continuing online. Unlike the past years, it’s not a traditional idea of going back to school. So, let’s take a look at some of the tips for parents to help their kids kick off a new academic year!


6 Tips To Make The Best School Preparations


Whether your child is a first-timer or simply entering a higher grade, there needs to be a checklist of basics you need to take care of. Having back-to-school jitters is normal. But, we must get them to move ahead and lessen the stress & anxiety. These are a few important areas that you need to ensure so that your child doesn’t face a dead end on the first few days of the new academic year.


  • Build routines

Kids love to enjoy their way during vacations. They engage in their own fun activities that they must have a distorted set of habits. So, the primary step is to get them back on track. Create routines for them. Motivate them at least a week before to stick to a fixed time. This makes them ready once the school session begins.

Routines must start from establishing wake-up and sleep timings. Help them stick to a general time for sleep with relaxing activities like book reading or listening to a song. Mornings can be made energizing with a set of active chores. In this way, they are aligned to concentrate when the classes start. You can also do a few works along with them so that they feel inspired to continue with the routines.


  • Create schedules for all activities

Just like setting routines, you should help your child to assign time for their activities. Bring on a daily planner to make them understand how much time they require to do each activity. Having a consistent schedule helps them prepare beforehand and not run around to complete their school work at the last minute.

Preparing a school schedule is important because it allows them the space to be involved in different activities every day. Without a proper schedule, your kids might find it tough to complete studies, eventually affecting their mental health.


  • Talk about back-to-school feelings

Do you feel your ward is anxious about new school beginnings? It’s a common tendency among students to feel stressed out, especially if they are entering a new school. But, you can help them cope with the anxiety as well. Talk to them in advance about how school is going to be. Give them a blueprint of what activities and events might occur during an academic year.

Children often tend to buckle up their fears and pet peeves when they find an unsafe environment to discuss their emotions. This might even cause serious mental health issues. Hence, let your child be open about their feelings. Validate their concerns and provide them with solutions. Motivate them to stay independent and assure them that their teachers and parents are available to them. This is an important concept to work on since virtual classes are lined up for most students.


  • Get a bunch of school supplies

This might seem like a silly activity, but it isn’t. With things going online, people trade off the need for fresh and new starts. But, helping your child to create a school-like experience at home is necessary. It helps to boost their energy and excitement, just as it would be for offline classes. Their anticipation to get new books and other stationery items should be appreciated.

Sometimes, due to the fear of going back to school, kids might hesitate to get new school supplies. You have to note such instances and get them moving. Grab them along to go shopping. This can really engage their minds into preparing for a new school session.


  • Stimulate their minds for academics

During vacation time, most kids aren’t engaged in any study activities. A long gap may make them forget a lot. So, having some brain activities can help them merge in as soon as the classes begin. Give them small fun games like brain teasers to put them into the learning track.

Students could also review their new textbooks or study materials to foresee their academic year. In this way, they feel more connected to the school experience. Assign small tasks that resemble school homework. This helps students to find a calm space at home and a dedicated time to complete them; removing all chaos.


  • Deal with the academic stress

Even after motivating them for classes, sometimes children find it hard to keep pace once the classes begin. With online classes, they might not receive enough attention from the teachers at times. Continued ignorance for studies might end up in academic stress and poor performance. But, parents can play a big role to lend them a helping hand.

You can sit with them for a few days and let them learn without any trouble. If you are busy with work schedules, decide on hiring a tutor to help your kid. With a little research, you will be able to find experts in subjects who can assist your child. All these can help your kid to overcome academic stress.


Advantages Of Enrolling For Tuitions


Dealing with the academic stress of your kids might be difficult if you’re worried about their future. But being stressed about it should not be your approach. As the education experience has changed worldwide, most parents are investing in smart decisions to assist their kids. Hiring a good home tutor is a great decision to nurture your kids’ studies.

But, why are home tuitions better for students? When children receive one-on-one assistance in their studies, they can perform better and find time for other interesting activities as well. They will not fall short on covering the entire syllabus and remain enthusiastic about learning.

Simply sliding through subject concepts without even understanding their meaning would make the journey tiresome for a child. However, with experts giving extra care, students can easily adapt to new changes in the education scenarios. Have a look at the top benefits of hiring an experienced home tutor for your ward.


  • Flexible time schedules

Getting a home tutor is the best option considering the hazy time schedules during current times. Some kids might have morning classes while some might have evening sessions. So, having a personal tutor helps them to adapt accordingly. A home tutor can change their class hours at the convenience of the child. 


  • Exam & application-oriented learning

Most of the time, students tend to be left out on the learning outcomes due to the tedious school patterns. They might have a dozen assignments to be completed. Having a home tutor will help your ward to be involved with projects and homework with passion and dedication, understanding the underlying concepts.

On the other hand, an expert tutor can also train your kid to prepare well for their exams too. Hence, a home tutor will focus on covering the exam goals and generate unique learning outcomes from the academics of your child.


  • Personalized experience with the teacher

Every student has different learning capacities and expectations. Having a lot of students, school teachers might fail to meet the needs of each student. Parents might also face limitations in unlocking the exact requirements of their children. But, a home tutor can utilize their expertise and experience to give personal mentoring to the child.

By choosing the right tutor, you help your child to create a relationship with their teachers also. This motivates them to take a step ahead in their performance too. A personalized learning experience is a sweet spot to enhance mental health, deal with academic stress, and boost the overall educational performance of students.


Find The Best Home Tutors in Qatar


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At London Education Centre, we offer tutors in popular subjects such as Math, English, Science, and other general topics where students have difficulty in understanding the concepts. You are assigned teachers after evaluating the needs of your kid, which makes way for the enhanced learning experience. Our tutors have been handpicked by a close evaluation of their experience and expertise. The home tutors at London Education Centre are flexible to your timelines and provide a positive atmosphere to address your child’s needs. So, what are you waiting for? Make the move to hire the experts in home tuitions to give your child a wholesome study experience!


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