Top Advantages of Choosing Tuition Packages in Qatar

Parenting comes with a lot of challenging tasks. All parents want the best for their children and the biggest decision of all is that of education. It can get a little confusing mainly because there are innumerable options in education before the parents. As time passes, the variety of curricula increases too. Before practising the common method of attending schools, the elite and the scholarly class always preferred one-on-one sessions for better focus and understanding.

Especially in a country like Qatar, where education is given prime importance. Studies state that over 95% of the population is educated and people have to move fast and forward towards education and further development. Furthermore, the citizens of Qatar seemed to be inclined towards personal coaching for over a decade. Although a major share has reconsidered the option due to its financial burden, here is how the benefits of tutoring outweigh the challenges faced.

Why Is Tutoring a Better Option?


  • Qualified Tutors

The educational qualification and the knowledge of the tutor are of utmost importance when it comes to enrolling your child in a centre. Choosing a centre like London Education Centre (LEC) further benefits the students in many ways. At LEC, tutors go through a very rigorous selection process and undergo leadership programs. LEC provides qualified tutors for personalised coaching, project and exam preparation assistance and many more.

  • Convenience and Flexibility

Classes are available at your child’s convenience and are flexible. You don’t have to worry about the classes that your child missed out on because tutors work for whatever suits you best. There are no appointments, reservations, lines to wait in, or hours spent caught in traffic to see the tutor. Furthermore, listening to lectures is simple. The student can watch as many lectures as you want at a time and come back later for the rest. As a result, the student won’t have to miss any classes, and can always go back and review an older lecture.

  • Choose the Subjects

The conventional method of classes does not provide the luxury of choosing your subjects or classes. The curriculum is prefixed and not updated. However, the private centres display a variety of premium subjects to choose from. Students also have the luxury of choosing the subjects or languages purely out of their interest along with the help of the tutors who know their intellect. Tutoring centres like the London Education Centre offer tutoring for popular subjects as well as curricula.

  • Improved Motivations to the Students

Private tutors not only provide academic benefits. Centres like the LEC reinstate continuous positive reinforcement. It will build and boost a student’s self-confidence and self-esteem. Furthermore, it will inspire the students to keep learning and develop an interest in continuous learning. Thus, this enables them to conquer greater heights in the future. It opens doors to various career options and helps to identify the interests of the students early.

What makes LEC Stand Out?


The London Educational Centre offers individualised one-on-one tutoring to meet the needs of each student. After an initial assessment of the student, the classes are allocated to create the ideal curriculum for them. Here the students don’t have to choose from the prefixed list of subjects. Instead, they are provided with numerous options. Talking to tutors can help identify the interests and find out what’s right for the student.

The academy helps prepare the classes and regular personal sessions to clear doubts at the convenience of the student. The tutors at LEC also provide exam-time preparations and help with the project and assignment. Regardless of their diverse backgrounds, students can certainly perform well in the academic arena with such guidance given by our qualified tutors. 

Spend Less and Grab More!

Not everybody gets the time to go through the detailed procedures and features of all tuition centres; most of the time, parents would be working to make ends meet. This might result in missing out on the amazing offers and discounts that the tuition centres provide to their students. Centres might also provide additional classes and prep you up for the upcoming events. Students can avail discounts from a very few centres for short-term tuition plans (say, for a term or a semester) although it is much more feasible to avail and opt for long-term package tuitions for cost-cutting.

London Education Centre provides attractive package deals to the students who opt for their facilities. School and university students can avail themselves of up to 15% off from the regular rates if they choose a package deal of 250 hours. This can academically as well as financially help the students as this avoids any break or an abrupt end to the academic session. It will provide a flow and continuity that the students will feel to have a better positive reach to the subject as well. There are courses and classes for the adults too on various levels, handled by the best tutors and with offers you simply cannot deny. 

Making use of these and doing proper research and study on the packages and tuition centres can result in avoiding a financial loss. So, once you opt for a tuition centre, make a wise decision. 


4 Things you cannot miss out on before hiring a tutor


Stuck on how to go about hiring a tutor? Worry not. Here are some points you can keep in mind before hiring a tutor to make sure your child gets the best tutoring experience. 

  • Make sure the tutor is verified

Do not forget to contact and join centres that are legitimate and verified as there are faux centres all around the world, claiming to hold franchises of reputed firms. Try to go through the CVs and references or search for academies like LEC which provide transparent details about all tutors. So, make sure you don’t get cheated before signing up for tuition classes; it’s your child’s future! For better credibility, you may also make use of hiring agencies for committed competence.

  • Talk and create a good rapport with the centre

Share maximum information and updates with the tutor so there is real clarity about what is happening. The more the tutor knows, the better it is for the child’s development and performance. Most tuition centres are moving towards more advanced technology in teaching. Schools and tutors are moving to Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) for better and efficient teaching. Examination dates, revision materials, instructional resources, plans of work, and assignment deadlines can all be found on VLEs. Utilizing the given material can help in keeping you updated about your child’s learning progress and therefore, it will be able to supplement their school curriculum.

  • Don’t forget to take a trial session

Private tutors mostly provide a demo session or a trial class before you enrol into their batch. Not many use that opportunity and what one forgets is that it helps you give an insight into what you are getting into. Hence, don’t forget to ask for a trial class, so that you and your child have an idea about how the rest of the term is going to look like.

If it’s not the preferred teaching style for your child, it also gives you the freedom to change your choice and not have to think about the loss of money. Hence, always choose a trial class before you make the payment and not regret it later. Taking that extra mile is necessary. Even if you have to spend over an hour with the tutor at the centre, the student must know what he/she is getting into and avoid discomfort later.

  • Check the compatibility and communication

The student’s comfort in the classes is of first priority while choosing a tutor. Not all students have the same dialect, learning pace and academic level. So, make sure the tutor and the student are compatible and they are both on the same page while the sessions are on. Also, find a tutor who has better communication skills to provide clarity to the subject matter. This even makes the students relieved. Good communication lets the students get an idea of what the tutor is trying to express and reduces the doubts in the students’ minds.

Get the best tutors for a worthy learning experience


Hiring or approaching a private tutor is an effective way to improve the educational quality of the students. It boosts up their morale and confidence in the path of success. It’s a chance for you to educate them about the topics in which they’re truly interested while also ensuring that they’re learning what they need to know. Private tutors may not be essential, but they are a feather to the cap for sure. Especially while living in a country like Qatar, where things speed up at double the pace. So, keep an eye out for the tutors near you, they can transform the educational background of your kids!

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